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30 Days of heART Prayers ~ A Prayer for My Son


I had a dream last night.

A man got separated from his little boy when he got into a vehicle. The man got out, went around to the back, and opened the tailgate. 

"Get in!" I shouted from the driver's seat. "Your can't ride back there. Get in up front."

He couldn't make up his mind. Finally he got in the back seat, looking like a little boy, pouting, impish, daring. I dropped him off.

Then I found the little boy still waiting on the stoop. When the child found out his dad was gone, he sobbed …

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How I Transform Grief into Art ~ New Year Happy Heart in 2024

Unspeakable grief bound and gagged my heart and art. I tried and struggled to paint through it ~ but when I lost hope of ever being able to see or know my newest granddaughter ~ every painting turned blue. My feet grew numb, tingling with pain, as I lost my ability to stand at my easel. And then ... it all broke loose.

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Breaking Through OMG!!!

I Was so Stuck on This Painting! I'd Given up on EVER Finishing. Then I Tried One More Thing and Cut the Flow of It All Loose. See It All, Start to Finish ~ and the Magic That Made It Happen.

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Release Stress ~ Paint Emotional Color!

Paint a Stress Relief Life:)

Painting emotional colors releases pent up creativity!!! No kidding, scribble all that pent up emotional color out onto a canvas!

When I started this painting my energy was very, VERY low! Honestly, I don't know why I even recorded it. But those WOW colors went right to my core. It was like unraveling a wonderful ball of the most amazing hot pink, purple, turquoise yarn:) Want to see the finished painting? Find it here 


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How to Paint Emotional Color?

IN THE VIDEO Translating subtle emotions into color? Wonder how I do it? Watch how gently it begins . . .


Blossom Soup

In this painting, I am working with blooming energy. It arrived very early in my studio this year, even the geraniums I brought in from last summer are blooming already in March! This may seem insignificant, but I have seen an increasing alignment with Nature via my garden ~ to what is going on in my studio. 

More often than not, if I am complaining about something in my…

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Do Artists have a Creative Plan?

Do you have an artistic vision? What's your plan, and how do you execute your artistry?

What is artistic vision, and how do you know what yours is? Will following the style of another artist fulfill the purpose of your artistic gift? Each artist must answer these questions for themselves. I have asked myself these critical questions for decades. Finally in my 70s I am doing what I came here to do ~ with my art and with my life as well.


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What Inspires Abstract Floral Paintings?

See how this abstract floral oil painting took two years to bloom.

Learn how I use my garden as a treasure trove of creative cues. Nature demonstrates how creativity works every day. These paintings in this video are part of my Meadowlands Series. The meadow represents the fertile space and time of life. Abstract painting opens the door to interpreting paintings, dreams, and life with a unified lens. See these paintings here


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Expressionist Painting ~ How Abstract Expressionist Artists Paint

Wonder about expressionist painting? How abstract expressionist artists paint?

I painted realistic landscapes for decades. Over the last few years I've been searching for something deeper. I've been using my paintings to explore spiritual connection and deeper meaning of life. Symbols in the landscape parallel dream symbols. I've begun to feel colors, lines, and textures in my body ~ to paint larger life-size canvases ~ which have a healing impact on life issues I've struggled against for dec…

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Seeds of Creativity Stuck on the Back Shelf?

Why Does My Painting Style Change?

See how I found seeds of creativity stuck on my back shelf! And three things I am doing to stir up creativsoup with them.

See how my art style evolves, how one painting influences the next, and my purpose in life deepens with my heart. 

See how this new series develops into oversize abstract paintings, pastels, rugs, home decor fabrics, and who knows what else?


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30 Days of heART Prayers