Recipe: Stressless Open Concept Spaces

Blink I

Open concept spaces can become loud and confusing. 


Focal Point Walls, one for each center of activity

Art you LOVE! 

Garden of dLight
Garden of dLight


For example, a neutral sofa, rug, and wall color blend in with today's neutral color palettes. The painting attracts heart, soul, mind, and body to sit down and collect her sesnes! 


So Let's decide which walls are focal points & how to create a stressless space that works best for you.

Let Me Bloom, I Am


Draw a simple diagram of your space. Your diagram need not be detailed. A rectangle, or two rectangles joined togher will get you started.

  1. First draw a rectangle to represent your space.
  2. If your room has an adjoining space, draw another rectangle beside or over-lapping it. Not fancy or perfect, just functional!
  3. Now indicate the main entries to the space, ie. front door, open space, hallway, patio door, etc. This will help us understand how people move throughout the space.
  4. Indicate the largest focal point wall with a heavy line along the wall.
  5. Indicate any smaller focal point walls with a lighter line.

Need help with this?

Clea and I are here to help you design your space. We can help you know what size, framing, and installation ideas will look best in your home. Even if your home is under construction, we can work from floor plans and help you envision art in your new home. 

Reach out and we'll put together a room of curated paintings in your palette.