Let Me Bloom, I Am! RECIPE: creativSOUP

This RECIPE INSIDE my process is rare.

HERE I give voice to that part of my process for which there normally are NO WORDS ~ revealing my secrect ingredient in its most RAW UNCOOKED form.


A project or thought that keeps recurring

A project that you keep postponing


Last week I'd planned to paint back into two paintings. I thought I'd finished them two years ago, in fact I really liked them! But something was niggling at me. 

I tried to ignore the niggling. For months, i moved on to other canvases. Yet the niggling continued.

Finally two weeks ago I brought them back into the studio. The thought of recording a video as i worked back into them popped to mind. But as got ready, I felt so frustrated I didn't want to talk to anyone!

That's when I hit RECORD and did it anyway!


As you watched, niggling projects likely popped to mind ~ jot them down right now. It doesn't matter if you EVER choose to act on them. Writing them down sends a message BACK to the creatrix that you GOT THE MESSAGE! This is HUGELY IMPORTANT. Have you ever tried talking to someone who doesn't reply to you?


Over the next couple days, jot down any niggling projects that pop to mind.Celebrate your new open dialogue with your creative center!


 See these Paintings! 


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