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Recipe: Stressless Open Concept Spaces

Blink I
A neutral sofa, rug, and wall color blend in with today's neutral color palettes. But it is art ~ a painting you LOVE ~ that attracts heart, soul, mind, and body to sit down and collect her sesnes! Get a curated collection for your home.

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Taste Oranges with Greens & Fruits of Passion for a Viva Woman



Viva Woman Vitality

Balance Your Chakra Colors for Spring Equinox Energy

This time of year ~ EQUINOX ~ balance is key. Colors in these Viva Woman Vitality recipes are designed to start with ingredients you have already, and infuse fresh spring vitality colors to create renewed harmonies.


  • 2ND CHAKRA ORANGES >feeds creativity
  • 4TH CHAKRA GREENS   >feeds heart
  • CREATRIX CHAKRA MAGENTA >feeds creatrix/short cut to magical heart 

Ingredients combine chakra colors…

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Discover the Magic of Color


Discover the Magic of Color 

"Drawing colors from Mother Earth’s healing energies, Fagan’s work is a healing balm to be felt and experienced" says .

"Earthy colors that reflect the lower chakras help bring us back into our bodies in a subtle way, while blue adds hope and spiritual connection."

With Penetrating Grace Fiber Art by Dorothy Fagan

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Recipe: Creating Vitality with Color

Align your home with colors of the heart, body, mind and soul. Learn how I used color to soothe and energize myself for the next three decades! I envisioned an art wall in my kitchen. See the before and after photos.

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30 Days of heART Prayers