People always ask, 'what inspires your art?' Watch the video and hear my answer:)

Recipe for Efflorescence & Flourishing in Unpredictability


The daily stuff of life

An open heart


Unpredictability is actually the one component of creativity indicative of creativity itself! Yes, read that again. In other words, to be more creative embrace unpredictability! 

Not knowing is an uncomfortable feeling for most of us. And yet, not knowing makes us feel alive! Not knowing engages us in how it will turn out!


When I step up to the easel I have a choice. I can choose to use a plan I have used in the p…



Hope Glimmers

I grab a woman who looks just like me in the mirror ~ And  take her by the arm! 2022 dream painting fulfills an artist's vision in three six foot paintings called Hope Glimmers

Life no longer fits in a schedule! No longer predictable, things I can no longer DO replaced by things I NEVER imagined!

So much more is accomplished around me as I bend to the Nature of things. Accepting my limitations, I FEEL joy I never felt. In the present moment I feel accomplished, satistifed, harmony. Not going a…


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