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How Dreams Come to Life?

Beginning with a dream scrawled in my journal, words quickly morphed into thumbnail sketches, and a new series of abstracts is born!

See the birthing process.

For years I've relied on dreams to inspire my paintings, yet never have given them space to be the star of my art. Now it's time. So excited to explore these more fully, I set about creating a series of pastels on 30" x 22" Arches Oil paper. 

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Where Do Ideas Come From?

When I ordered these canvases, I had NO IDEA for what I might paint!!! 

My vision grew ~ and now a BIG Vision is filling 18 HUMUNGOUS Canvases and the creativSOUP podcast!!! 

Watch the video to hear my vision ...

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How to Follow a Thread of Inspiration?

Circle of Life Message from the Other Side

Tears welled up as I carefully drew the tenuous circle I'd seen in the vision. Near and far, the space opened up 3-d > 4-d then tranformed into a vivid 5-d dream experience showing me the message of my newest painting collection!!!

Dream: "I arrived without my baggage. Mom was with me. I was 'out there' and now I'm back here in this body of work: Circle of Life. Come and go as you please. At times you reach across t…

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A week doesn't go by when I am not contacted by someone who has acquired one of my artworks ~ who does NOT KNOW who the artist is! The value of the artwork is tied directly to the artist. You've seen stories of people finding valuable artwork in attics, but not having a clue the art has any value. 

Many collectors assume that their heirs will know the value of the paintings they have collected. Most do not, unless you attach d…

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Recipe: Stressless Open Concept Spaces

Blink I
A neutral sofa, rug, and wall color blend in with today's neutral color palettes. But it is art ~ a painting you LOVE ~ that attracts heart, soul, mind, and body to sit down and collect her sesnes! Get a curated collection for your home.

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Taste Oranges with Greens & Fruits of Passion for a Viva Woman



Viva Woman Vitality

Balance Your Chakra Colors for Spring Equinox Energy

This time of year ~ EQUINOX ~ balance is key. Colors in these Viva Woman Vitality recipes are designed to start with ingredients you have already, and infuse fresh spring vitality colors to create renewed harmonies.


  • 2ND CHAKRA ORANGES >feeds creativity
  • 4TH CHAKRA GREENS   >feeds heart
  • CREATRIX CHAKRA MAGENTA >feeds creatrix/short cut to magical heart 

Ingredients combine chakra colors…

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Recipe for Efflorescence & Flourishing in Unpredictability


The daily stuff of life

An open heart


Unpredictability is actually the one component of creativity indicative of creativity itself! Yes, read that again. In other words, to be more creative embrace unpredictability! 

Not knowing is an uncomfortable feeling for most of us. And yet, not knowing makes us feel alive! Not knowing engages us in how it will turn out!


When I step up to the easel I have a choice. I can choose to use a plan I have used in the p…

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Hope Glimmers


I grab a woman who looks just like me in the mirror ~ And  take her by the arm! 2022 dream painting fulfills an artist's vision in three six foot paintings called Hope Glimmers

Life no longer fits in a schedule! No longer predictable, things I can no longer DO replaced by things I NEVER imagined!

So much more is accomplished around me as I bend to the Nature of things. Accepting my limitations, I FEEL joy I never felt. In the present moment I feel accomplished, satistifed, harmony. Not going a…

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Creativity Essential #3

Healing Spring Energies

3rd essential of creativity is NOT KNOWING!

I find I know less and less as I grow older. I still WANT to know everything. Now a split second of NOT KNOWING accompanies nearly every action. This enables me to conduct the Healing Painting Session in today's video. 

This session began with three large canvases flat on the tables. Participants stood surrounding the tables on all sides with me. I drew cues for the painting from their collective energy. The video picks up at…

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Creativity Essential #2

Nurturing Sprouts

2nd essential of creativity is LISTENING for Creatrix cues.

If you're busy talking, you're not listening! If you want to know what you're going to do, you're not giving the Creatrix any space to help you!

If you think you're not creative, or creative as you would like to be . . . be still and wait for the Creatrix signals.

Watch then answer.

In the first 10 seconds of the video, how did I receive instructions from the Creatrix? 

List 3 times you heard, but avoided using t…

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