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Creativity Essentials ~ Do You Have This?

GROUNDING  >the FIRST and most important creativity ingredient!

Think about your house, if the electrical is not grounded ~ no current would flow OR the system would short circuit and shut everything down. 

Are you grounded right now? YES/NO

If you're not sure, you can assume you're not. So exactly how do you get grounded?

WATCH then answer.

Are your answers different after watching the video? 

Each human has unique ways of being/staying grounded. List 3 of your favorites.


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Discover the Magic of Color


Discover the Magic of Color 

"Drawing colors from Mother Earth’s healing energies, Fagan’s work is a healing balm to be felt and experienced" says .

"Earthy colors that reflect the lower chakras help bring us back into our bodies in a subtle way, while blue adds hope and spiritual connection."

With Penetrating Grace Fiber Art by Dorothy Fagan

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What is Efflorescence?

Webster defines efflorescence as "the process of developing and unfolding as if coming into flower, periods of intellectual and artistic efflorescence . . . a fullness of manifestation."

You can see this reflected in my art. Over seven decades, periods of drought, planting, mud flats, seedlings, wildflowers, and now efflorescence! Drawing my inspiration from earth, sky, water throughout the Chesapeake Bay Watershed and beyond ~ nature's colors and harmonies have brought my expressive artistry i…

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Recipe: Creating Vitality with Color

Align your home with colors of the heart, body, mind and soul. Learn how I used color to soothe and energize myself for the next three decades! I envisioned an art wall in my kitchen. See the before and after photos.

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