Healing Grief with Art

If you've lost someone and wondered if they still hear you, rest assured they do. 

Healing Grief through Art

With touching emotional brushstrokes, poetry, and prose, artist author Dorothy Fagan eloquently receives messages from her father as he crosses into heaven. This life affirming story with beautiful landscape oil paintings shares their father daughter relationship with beauty and uplifting reassurance. 

The Blessed Virgin appears on his deathbed to assist him in acending into heaven. The Green Pastures message is sent from heaven in a series of paintings that show his Light crossing, reassuring the family he is at peace on the other side of the river.

~ a wonderful gift of faith, family, and art

Filled with full color reproductions of the artist's paintings, and the inspirational messages she delivers to family and friends from her father in heaven. 



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  • creativSOUP with Dorothy Fagan

    5.0 out of 5 stars
    True beauty!
    Reviewed in the United States on December 10, 2019

    High on a Hill with a Cloud and a Prayer

    "This is a deeply personal and uplifting account from the author of the Joy's Garden series. Through pastels, oil paintings and a stream-of-consciousness text, Dorothy Fagan comes to terms with the loss of her father."

    Amazon review