Creativity Essential #3

Healing Spring Energies

3rd essential of creativity is NOT KNOWING!

I find I know less and less as I grow older. I still WANT to know everything. Now a split second of NOT KNOWING accompanies nearly every action. This enables me to conduct the Healing Painting Session in today's video. 

This session began with three large canvases flat on the tables. Participants stood surrounding the tables on all sides with me. I drew cues for the painting from their collective energy. The video picks up at the next stage, discussing the healing creative process as it unfolds.

Watch then answer.

What is the main thing that surprised you as you watched?

Did you find yourself feeling impatient to know what I was doing? What did you want most to know?

INCUBATE sleep on it

What ways can you explore the unknown? 

What activites do you do that require you to make i up as you go along?


Using the ten canvases you painted with earth/sky colors, draw or paint back into them without a plan. Start with one. Then move on to the next when the urge comes. And so on.