Creativity Essential #2

Nurturing Sprouts

2nd essential of creativity is LISTENING for Creatrix cues.

If you're busy talking, you're not listening! If you want to know what you're going to do, you're not giving the Creatrix any space to help you!

If you think you're not creative, or creative as you would like to be . . . be still and wait for the Creatrix signals.

Watch then answer.

In the first 10 seconds of the video, how did I receive instructions from the Creatrix? 

List 3 times you heard, but avoided using the Creatrix' instructions.

The law of attraction is often referred to in spiritual teachings. How does this apply to painting? To viewing paintings?

INCUBATE sleep on it

I very often hear the Creatrix more readily in my sleep. Letting go of the days busyness creates a golden opportunity for the Creatrix to get a word in! 

Upon waking, use the transition time before starting your day to glean the Creatrix instructions. They may not make sense! That's okay. Write them down in a journal anyway. You don't have to DO anything with them, expect write them down. THIS SIMPLE ACT OF ACCEPTING THE CREATRIX sends the message that you're LISTENING.

Now you've established a two-way conversation with the Creatrix!


Every time you hear/see/feel Creatrix instructions, jot them down in a sketchbook. These may be words, sketches, scribblings, These are not necessarily things you are going to pursue. Think of this as a rainbarrel where you accumulate droplets of creativity. These will water your creative garden during dry spells.

Are you feeling the spark?

Let Dorothy know by sending a blossom

Send Dorothy a Blossom

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