Recipe for Efflorescence & Flourishing in Unpredictability


The daily stuff of life

An open heart


Unpredictability is actually the one component of creativity indicative of creativity itself! Yes, read that again. In other words, to be more creative embrace unpredictability! 

Not knowing is an uncomfortable feeling for most of us. And yet, not knowing makes us feel alive! Not knowing engages us in how it will turn out!


When I step up to the easel I have a choice. I can choose to use a plan I have used in the past. Or I can ask the Creatrix to take my hand and show me where we are going today. 

Find the choice in an act today. Choose a plan you have used before OR ask the Creatrix guide your brush hand. The paintings that show me a woman I've only dreamed of being ~ formulate ONLY when I reach out beyond my human self.


List all the ways unpredicatility shows up in your life. >For each a spark of ceativity to Light.

See inside my painting process; how I paint, get inspiration, what's on my easel today. 

Are you feeling the spark?

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