Hope Glimmers


I grab a woman who looks just like me in the mirror ~ And  take her by the arm! 2022 dream painting fulfills an artist's vision in three six foot paintings called Hope Glimmers

Life no longer fits in a schedule! No longer predictable, things I can no longer DO replaced by things I NEVER imagined!

So much more is accomplished around me as I bend to the Nature of things. Accepting my limitations, I FEEL joy I never felt. In the present moment I feel accomplished, satistifed, harmony. Not going anywhere, I feel stillness in this present moment. 

I look around the room where I sit to see projects still awating my next move. Yet I am still. Satisfied. Content. Present. Filled with wonder.

In the stillness I am STUNNED. Scribblings juxtaposed this morning with an unfinished series of paintings called Hope Glimmers. Accompanied by a haiku 13 months ago, I see my own self shining back at me.

Star light ribbons, hope

glimmers, you will hear me

feel my presence, shine 


Searching I find pages of my journal spilling sketches, haiku titles, and meaning for a series of dreams. 

February 1996 Dream: I was told to select heads and bodies of tiny gem-like doll parts, and put them with the silky cobalt blue wrap. The wrap had a head and body also of cloth ~ and it wrapped around the other two.  I was then to place it all together in a tiny package ~ little foldup box ~ which seemed too small to hold its contents. 

There were many to select and wrap up in this way, each different, each beautiful lustrous colors ~ all thimble sized, being packaged in match box packages which were light weight paper board ~ like a 80# cover decorative paper, lined with tissue.

February 2022 Dream: I grab a woman who looks just like me in the mirror ~ And  take her by the arm to sit down at a table, face to face. Are we here to ask for work? NO! We are NOT here to wait on tables! We are her, enjoy the day! She is her! You cannot doubt her! Your doubt pulls the plug on the electricity she/her generates. 

Starlight ribbons, hope

glimmers, you will hear me speak

feel my presence, shine

Fear and creatrix

hand in hand reaching through

join'd we light the night


I woke with vivid vision of how to assemble the layered fabrics, stitch them together with copper wire, matte silver on the backs, ribbons descending from the ceiling . . .

Stairways From Heaven . . . hung together or apart . . . at various positions . . . in an entry . . . along a wall . . . 

I ran downstairs to the studio as a child excited to get my hands on the silky cobalt wrap, attach them together . . . see my dream unfold.