Creativity Essentials ~ Do You Have This?

GROUNDING  >the FIRST and most important creativity ingredient!

Think about your house, if the electrical is not grounded ~ no current would flow OR the system would short circuit and shut everything down. 

Are you grounded right now? YES/NO

If you're not sure, you can assume you're not. So exactly how do you get grounded?

WATCH then answer.

Are your answers different after watching the video? 

Each human has unique ways of being/staying grounded. List 3 of your favorites.

INCUBATE  Sleep on it

Chew on these ideas overnight. In the morning, make a list of other activities or ways you ground yourself.

How does it feel when you're not grounded? List 3 characteristics/behaviors you experience when you're not grounded. 


Using 10 small canvases or papers and a 2" wide flat brush, paint an earth color basecoat. Let it dry. Then using the same large brush, block in sky shapes with a sky color (blue, indigo, or violet.)

Let these INCUBATE!