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30 Days of heART Prayers ~ A Prayer for My Son


I had a dream last night.

A man got separated from his little boy when he got into a vehicle. The man got out, went around to the back, and opened the tailgate. 

"Get in!" I shouted from the driver's seat. "Your can't ride back there. Get in up front."

He couldn't make up his mind. Finally he got in the back seat, looking like a little boy, pouting, impish, daring. I dropped him off.

Then I found the little boy still waiting on the stoop. When the child found out his dad was gone, he sobbed …

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How I Transform Grief into Art ~ New Year Happy Heart in 2024

Unspeakable grief bound and gagged my heart and art. I tried and struggled to paint through it ~ but when I lost hope of ever being able to see or know my newest granddaughter ~ every painting turned blue. My feet grew numb, tingling with pain, as I lost my ability to stand at my easel. And then ... it all broke loose.

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A week doesn't go by when I am not contacted by someone who has acquired one of my artworks ~ who does NOT KNOW who the artist is! The value of the artwork is tied directly to the artist. You've seen stories of people finding valuable artwork in attics, but not having a clue the art has any value. 

Many collectors assume that their heirs will know the value of the paintings they have collected. Most do not, unless you attach d…

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30 Days of heART Prayers